The 11th Inernational Piano Festival

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Annual Piano Festival RUZA-2017

Established 2005

Russian school of Fortepiano

Maria Gambarian

The 11th International Piano Festival

In celebration of Willem Brons' Aniversary

April 30th to May 10th of 2017.

The Festival (and master classes) present the participants with the following challenges:
1.    Revive the traditions of classical Russian piano school.
2.    Help improve the level of performance mastery.
3.    Focus participants' attention on the problems of sound making and intoning.
4.    Give the
participants a chance to aquire stage confidence through daily public performances.
5.    Discover individual
participant talents, and offer the chance to prove themselves.
6.    Help expand the artistic contacts between representatives of modern piano schools of Russia, Europe and the United States